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Chief Building Inspector: Mike Simonson

Phone: (610) 865-7091
Fax: (610) 865-7330

For almost any type of construction or remodeling, a construction permit is required. An application for Building Permit can be obtained by contacting the Building Code Enforcement Office or downloaded. Before starting any work, please check with our office for full details of what is required for the project. The staff is more than happy to help anyone through the application process and to ensure that the work is done right. Through a process of plan review and a schedule of inspections, the Code Enforcement/Zoning office makes sure that all of the building specifications and materials used are up to code and, therefore, safe for the occupants. Also through this process, insurance and zoning requirements are dealt with. This application process is relatively simple and permits are inexpensive. For your benefit, please comply with this process.

The UCC adopts the following codes: 2015 with amendments

  • The provisions of Chapters 2--29 and 31--35 of the "International Building Code."
  • The "ICC Electrical Code."
  • The "International Mechanical Code."
  • The "International Fuel Gas Code."
  • The "International Plumbing Code."
  • The "International Residential Code."
  • The "International Fire Code."
  • The "International Energy Conservation Code."
  • The "International Existing Building Code."
  • The "International Urban-Wildland Interface Code."
  • Appendix E of the "International Building Code."
  • Appendix H of the "International Building Code."
  • Appendix G of the "International Residential Code."

The City of Bethlehem follows the 2009 International Property Maintenance Code (amendments – Ordinance 2010-27). Learn more about Bethlehem's Housing Inspections...

Is a permit required for roofing?                                            Yes
Is a permit required for siding?                                              Yes
Is a permit required to change the use of a property?           Yes
Is a permit required for decks?                                              Yes
Is a permit required for pools?                                               Yes
Is a permit required for patios, sidewalks, and driveways?    Yes
Is a permit required for fences?                                             Yes
Is a permit required for a shed?                                             Yes
Is a permit required for a sign?                                              Yes
Is a permit required for a finished basement?                        Yes

Is a permit required for replacement windows?
No, if the windows fit in the same opening without additional framing or blocking.

How much does a permit cost?
It depends on the type and cost of work. Fee schedules can be found online or obtained by contacting the Bureau of Code Enforcement.

How long does it take to process a permit?
We have 15 days to review permit applications for residential work and 45 days for commercial work.

Who can apply and pay for a permit?
The owner, a builder, or authorized agent for building and mechanical permits, registered plumber for plumbing permits and registered electrician for electrical permits.

Access monthly reports on all permits issued by the Permitting Office. Reports are available in PDF format. Access reports now.

Connect with Code Enforcement

Bethlehem Building Code Enforcement Office
10 E. Church Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Chief Building Inspector:
Mike Simonson
(610) 865-7091
Commercial Building Inspector:
Philip Roeder
(610) 865-7091
Residential Building Inspector:
Steve Recchio
610) 865-7091
Mechanical Inspector:
Elijah Skrimcovsky
(610) 865-7097
Electrical/Plumbing Inspector:
Dale Sensenig
(610) 865-7093

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