May 24, 20192:24 PM

 THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2019 FROM 5:00-7:00 PM  

The City of Bethlehem will have the proposed improvements to the City’s Christmas lighting and décor on display for the public to view on May 30 from 5:00-7:00 PM.  These renderings are a result of the public meeting held in April and the various stakeholder meetings held with David Weiner Lighting Design, LLC, the consultant for the project. 

“The City relies on a robust Christmas season to support our small businesses and to provide a terrific experience for our residents”, said Mayor Robert J. Donchez.  “The enhancement of our décor program is a necessary step in making sure Bethlehem remains a destination for the holiday season.”

The public is invited to stop by the open-house format anytime between 5:00 and 7:00 PM in Town Hall at 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem.

May 24, 201912:29 PM

Roadwork: As part of a state-funded grant to increase pedestrian safety around Liberty High School, Elizabeth Avenue will become 1 lane in the eastbound direction between Center Street and Linden Street TODAY. Crews are on scene right now installing new pavement markings to delineate the one-lane configuration.  Elizabeth Avenue will remain open to 2-way traffic. Westbound traffic will not be altered.  The change only applies to the previous two-lane eastbound direction, which is now being reduced to one-lane.

Along with the lane change, flashing pedestrian lights were installed as well as a few ADA ramps in an effort to reduce crashes in the area and increase pedestrian safety both during school and during football games at the stadium.

May 20, 20196:40 PM

‪It’s EMS Week 2019 and the City of Bethlehem recognizes the men and women who go #BeyondTheCall every day. Thank you for your dedication and service to our city! #NationalEMSWeek ‬

May 19, 201910:57 AM

Mayor Donchez would like to thank everyone involved in the planning of the implosion of Martin Tower. Special thanks to all City of Bethlehem personnel, the owners of the property, Controlled Demolition Inc., DEP, Superintendent Dr Roy, Principal Peter Mayes, Lehigh County Emergency Management, and Northampton County Emergency Management. A very special thank you to Robert Novatnack, City of Bethlehem’s Director of Emergency Management who has worked tirelessly on this project. Finally, a big thank you to the public for their cooperation leading up to, and while witnessing this historic event.

May 17, 20194:33 PM

Upcoming road work/closures: 
Martin Tower:  will be imploded Sunday, May 19th around 7 am.  Please refer to the website below for road closure information:

Church Street: A contractor will be utilizing a lift on Church Street between N. New Street West and Main Street on Monday, May 19th and will need to remove parking and shift traffic for the day.

Main Street: A contractor will be utilizing a crane on Main Street for tree work between Illicks Mill Road and Moreland Ave on Thursday, May 23.  Main Street will need to be closed from 7am – 5pm for this work.

May 17, 20199:15 AM

A note from the City of Bethlehem Code Enforcement Office:

Rooftop viewing is prohibited and will be strictly enforced in the exclusion zone during the Martin Tower implosion. Any and all rooftop viewing outside the exclusion zone in the City of Bethlehem is strongly discouraged as most commercial and residential roofs are not meant to be occupied and lack the necessary safety equipment and proper means of egress. Excessive loads not designed for a roof can cause costly damage.

May 15, 20194:14 PM

The Bethlehem Recycling Bureau is currently hiring part time Recycling Attendants to work at the Theis/Cornfeld Drop off Center, located on Illicks Mill Road.  If you enjoy working with people and are looking for part time work, please reach out directly to the Recycling Bureau for details either via phone:  (610) 865-7082 or via email:

May 15, 201910:07 AM

In preparation for the implosion of Martin Tower, contractors will be conducting fire hydrant operations in the area of Eaton and 8th Avenues on Wednesday May 15, 2019.   Due to the increase in the volume of water being used, City of Bethlehem water customers in the area may experience loss of pressure and/or discolored or cloudy water.  This activity will occur again on Sunday May 19, 2019 during the implosion event.
If you experience discolored or cloudy water we advise that you do not let your water run continuously.   Rather, run your cold water faucets only for a few minutes at a time until it begins to clear up. Repeat this step every hour or so until the water runs clear.  We recommend that you do not run your hot water while you are experiencing discolored or cloudy water; this will only draw sediment into your hot water tank.   While the water remains safe for consumption, you should consider avoiding activities such as washing clothes.

Any loss of pressure and/or cloudy water should be a short-term condition. If the water does not clear up in a few hours or you have an emergency involving your water service, please contact Water Control at (610) 865-7077. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

May 9, 20194:42 PM

The work currently taking place on the Eaton Ave Bridge over SR378 will be shifting and the detour currently in place will be lifted.  By this afternoon or early Friday morning, there will be no traffic restrictions.  This will remain throughout the rest of the project.

May 9, 20191:17 PM

For this evening's Community Meeting regarding Martin Tower, the developer has partnered with the City to deliver to residents crucial information regarding the May 19th implosion.

May 8, 20199:02 AM

Redevelopment Authority of the City of Bethlehem


 Notice is hereby given that the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Bethlehem (the "Authority"), will hold a public hearing on behalf of the City of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, May 16, 2019, at 2:45 p.m., in Room B-504 of Bethlehem City Hall, 10 East Church Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018, to discuss and take comment with respect to the financing of the following project for the benefit of Moravian College:

NAME AND ADDRESS OF OWNER AND OPERATOR OF FACILITIES TO BE FINANCED:  Moravian College (the "College"), 1200 Main Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018
ADDRESS OF PROJECT:  The campus of the College located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with its administrative office at 1200 Main Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018
TOTAL COST OF PROJECT:  Not to Exceed $6,000,000 


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The debt to be issued will constitute a qualified 501(c)(3) bond as defined in Section 145 of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended, for college (higher education) facilities and the proceeds will be used to provide funds to finance, refinance and/or reimburse all or any of the following:  (a) the design, construction, renovation, equipping and furnishing of improvements and additions to the existing facilities of the College, including, but not limited to, renovations and improvements to The Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, The Haupert Union Building and The Athletics and Recreation Center and the acquisition and installation of boilers for the College’s Hurd Campus; (b) site and infrastructure improvements and various other capital improvements to the College's existing facilities and the acquisition of capital equipment for use in or in connection with the facilities of the College; and (c) funding contingencies and paying all or a portion of the costs and expenses of issuance of the debt.

Members of the public are invited to attend the aforesaid public hearing.  The attending public, on their own behalf or by attorney, are urged to provide information and make statements concerning the aforesaid project.
This Notice is published in accordance with the requirements of Section 147(f) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended.


May 7, 20192:09 PM

As the demolition of Martin Tower draws closer, the City of Bethlehem has comprised a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the demolition and precautions. 

1)   What is the process of demolition by explosives/implosion?
The basic premise of explosives demolition is to isolate the key structural supporting elements of the structure (in this case, structural steel columns) and eliminate them sequentially with explosive charges so the weight and construction of the structure can be dynamically controlled with differential velocity to insure that the resultant debris falls in a predetermined area.

2)   What regulations are in place to secure public safety?
The explosives and demolition industry have regulations in place at local, state and federal levels to ensure
Public Safety. Adherence to the regulations is overseen by, and has been coordinated through,the project team: ATF, FAA, Pennsylvania DEP, Bethlehem Police Department, Bethlehem Fire Department, Bethlehem Fire Marshal, Emergency Medical Services, Bethlehem Emergency Management, Lehigh County Emergency Management, Northampton County Emergency Management, Northampton County
911 Center, Bethlehem Service Center and Lehigh Valley International Airport.

3)   What has been done to prepare for the demolition and environmental remediation? 
All interior demolition was completed. All controlled and hazardous materials (including asbestos) were removed from the building, as required by law, prior to the final demolition permit being issued.  Completion of interior demolition (i.e. walls, ceiling, carpeting, doors, etc.) prior implosion results in less dust being created during the implosion activities.

4)   Will air quality be monitored before, during and after demolition?
Yes. An independent 3rd party firm is conducting particulate and asbestos air quality monitoring before, during and after, the implosion activities.

5)   What measures will be taken for dust control?
Multiple water sprayers and misting devices will be utilized prior to and during the implosion activities.

6)   Are there any precautions residents should take related to dust? Should residents stay indoors during the implosion and if so, for how long?
Dust is an unpreventable byproduct of all types of demolition. With a wrecking ball or high-reach excavator, the building is slowly broken up, releasing dust over a lengthy period of time. With implosion, the same overall quantity of dust is released in a matter of seconds, and may linger in the general area for 4 to 6 minutes before crews begin cleanup of streets and sidewalks. Depending on wind speed and direction on the day of the implosion, the dust may or may not reach your properties. As a precautionary measure, we recommend that you see that all windows, doors and air intakes, are closed and to cover any other openings that might allow dust to enter your apartment, house or building. We also recommend that you turn off all exhaust fans before or at the time of the implosion as these might draw air in to your building through cracks in walls and windows. If you find dust uncomfortable or irritating, or if you have any respiratory conditions that would be aggravated by dust, please stay indoors during the demolition.

7)   What is the anticipated size of the debris field?
The building will incline slightly to the southeast, then fall straight down. Most of the debris from the implosion will come to rest within the footprint of the existing building, or slightly out of the footprint to southeast (toward the center of the 53 acre property).

8)   How will the restricted area be cleared and secured?
Bethlehem Police Department will clear the area prior to implosion activities, using various methods including foot patrols, motorcycle patrol and marked control units. Lehigh County Emergency Management will be utilizing drone with infrared capabilities to survey the restricted area.

9)   Can I fly my drone?
No. A temporary flight restriction with a one-half mile radius and 2,500 foot ceiling, has been granted by the FAA on May 19th from 6 to 8 a.m. During the temporary flight restriction, no aircraft (including drones) will be permitted within the restricted area.

10) What is the possibility of utility service interruption (water, gas, electric)?
There is no anticipated interruption of utility service. However, as a precaution, representatives from the City
Water Department, UGI and PPL, will be on site before, during and after the implosion activities.

11) What is the time frame for the implosion activities?
• 5:00 am Bethlehem Police will close Eighth Avenue from Union Boulevard to Bradford Street.
• 5:00 am Bethlehem Police will close Eaton Avenue from Elizabeth Avenue to Ralston Road.
• 5:00 am Bethlehem Police will close Route 378 North and South Exit Ramps at Eighth Avenue.
• 6:00 am the Exclusion Zone surrounding the site will be closed to the public.  Details on the limits of the exclusion zone will provided at a later date.
• 6:30 am Bethlehem Police will begin closing Route 378 from Catasauqua Road to the Main Street Ramp.
• 7:00 am approximately, as safety and preparations permit, Martin Tower will be demolished by implosion.
• 7:10 am assessment will be made by members of the project team to determine any clean-up activities prior to opening any roadways.  Any unaffected roadways will be reopened after inspection by Bethlehem Police Department.
• It is estimated that by mid-morning all public right of ways will be open and the exclusion zone lifted.

May 3, 201912:51 PM

There will be a public informational meeting, hosted by the Martin Tower property owners, representatives from the demolition company Controlled Demo Inc., along with other governmental agencies, regarding the May 19th demolition of Martin Tower on May 9, 2019 at 6 p.m., at Nitschmann Middle School. City of Bethlehem Public Safety representatives will be in attendance. *This meeting is intended for the general public.*

April 29, 20193:35 PM

Completed our 16th Dare to Care Community walk today in the area of Covington and Lansdale Avenues. Installed 17 smoke detectors and 3 nine volt batteries.

April 29, 201911:51 AM

We are saddened by the news that Mayor Michelantonio Maffeo, the Mayor of our Sister City, Foiano di Val Fortore, Italy, passed away.

April 27, 201910:53 AM

‪Cops 'n' Kids Lehigh Valley is celebrating their March to the Millionth today! This is a great partnership with the city, our police department and the Bethlehem Area School District, ensuring that every child has access to books. Be sure to check out the school performances!‬

April 25, 201911:04 PM

‪Bethlehem celebrated Arbor Day with Alexander Karras, Chief of Staff, accepting Bethlehem’s Tree City USA Award & Growth Award from the Arbor Day Foundation for accomplishments in urban forestry - and with the planting of a tree in the Rose Garden. ‬

April 12, 20193:54 PM

MAIN AND BROAD STREET: The City will be upgrading the signal at Main and Broad Street beginning this Monday, April 15th.  Work included will be new signal foundations, upgraded ADA ramps, sidewalk work, and conduit installation in the roadway.  During the construction there will be times when a corner or two at the intersection will be closed to pedestrians (and pedestrian traffic rerouted around).  There will also be times when a lane closure may occur to facilitate the work.  Meters may also be bagged at times to complete the work.  Total construction time is anticipated to be 2-3 months.

This work will coincide with the retiming of the signals at Main and North Streets and at Main Street and Union Boulevard.  After construction is complete, these signals will be synced to provide for better traffic flow on Main Street.

MAIN STREET: A contractor will be working on the waterline in front of the Moravian Bookstore on Main Street and will need to shift traffic between Church Street and Market Street next Wednesday, April 17th through Friday, April 19th from 7am-3pm each day.  Meters will be blocked but two-way traffic will remain.

April 11, 20196:38 PM

‪On behalf of the City of Bethlehem, congratulations to these amazing students for being awarded Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizens Awards. Special congratulations to Olivia Chhugani of Freedom High School for being selected as the overall top state winner. ‬

April 10, 20199:10 PM

Today Northampton County Executive McClure, Easton Mayor Panto and I received the Governor’s Awards for Local Gov’t Excellence. The award was for Health & Wellness Initiatives including the removal of lead based paint hazards in pre1978 homes making our aging housing stock safe for kids.

April 8, 20192:41 PM

Today we announced the investment of nearly $500,000 in the housing stock of south Bethlehem through Project Reinvest: Neighborhoods. The initial rehabilitation will be to five homes like this one at 735 Hayes Street.

April 8, 201912:01 PM

Thank you, Jane Persa, for your 40 years of dedication & service to our city. In honor of your passion and commitment to our city’s parks & recreation, I officially proclaim today as Jane P. Persa Day in Bethlehem and wish you all the best in your retirement!