Environmental Advisory Council Members

Council Members

  • John Brunner
  • Kathy Fox
  • Jack Gambino
  • Brian Hillard
  • Lynn Rothman
  • Mike Topping

Working Groups

  • Jack Gambino
  • George Yasko
  • Fran Cundall

BBFW (Bethlehem Backyards for Wildlife)
  • Martha Christine
  • Ilse Stoll
  • Christine Roysden
  • Roseanne Amano
  • Linda Frederick
  • Fran Cundall (Irish)
  • Lynn Rothman - liaison to the Lehigh Valley Bird Town Coalition (LVBTC)
  • Lynn Rothman - liaison to Citizens Traffic Advisory Committee (CTAC) 
Zoning & Planning 
  • Mike Topping

John P. Brunner

A resident of Bethlehem's southside, John Brunner recently retired as Mid-Atlantic Recreation Planner for the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). Prior to his service with AMC, John enjoyed a thirty-year career as a conservation professional, bringing his expertise in environmental policy, watershed protection, recreational planning, and nonprofit management to several organizations within the Delaware River Basin.

Kathy Fox

Kathy’s interest in sustainability was sparked back in high school when she joined the newly formed Ecology club and began recycling paper from the classrooms. This has budded into a passion for the environment. Mostly self-educated on a variety of environmental issues, Kathy has continued working toward a sustainable future by installing solar panels on her home, completing an energy audit and making energy efficiency improvements to her home, buying a hybrid car, adapting a permaculture design for her yard, gardening, composting vegetable scraps, continuing to be an avid recycler, and eating far less meat. In addition, Kathy is a co-chair of the Northampton County Council of Democractic Women’s Environmental Committee, a member of Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan Working Group, the Citizens Climate Lobby, the Bethlehem Food Co-op and the Sierra Club.

Jack Gambino

Jack Gambino is a professor of political science at Muhlenberg College. His teaching and research interests are diverse, ranging from the history of political ideas and civic education to environmental literacy and sustainable development. He was a founding faculty member of Muhlenberg’s Environmental Studies program (later renamed Sustainability Studies) in 1991 and served as director of the program from 1999 to 2007. Currently, his courses include U.S. environmental policy at the federal level and an innovative course examining climate change and sustainable development in Bangladesh, a country profoundly affected by climate change and one about which few Americans know much. The course includes a two-week study trip to Bangladesh to see the conditions on the ground as well as to meet local experts and everyday citizens who are working hard to remediate the already painfully evident effects of climate change in their environment. He also served on the College’s Greening Committee, which oversees the development and implementation of the campus sustainability plan. He has worked with faculty, students, staff, and administrators in a variety of campus environmental initiatives, including the development of a comprehensive energy audit on campus, the streamlining of campus recycling, and a student-led initiative to reduce of the consumption of bottled water on campus. He has also served as an academic advisor to numerous students who have gone on to careers in environmental law, environmental remediation businesses, urban planning, and government service. He has served on the Bethlehem EAC since 2012.

Lynn Rothman

Lynn Rothman is an Environmental Scientist. She previously worked for the Environmental Protection Agency, balancing environmental protection with development and property rights, with emphasis in wetlands protection. In her volunteer activities, she experienced leading non-profit organizations, with the ability to manage budgets and programs.

Lynn graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a BA in government and Johns Hopkins University with an MA from the Whiting School of Engineering. In 2009 she participated in the Bethlehem Citizens’ Academy. She recently completed a professional certificate in Geographic Information Systems.

Lynn has resided in Bethlehem City since 1998, where she and her husband raised their two daughters. 

Mike Topping

Mike Topping has lived in the Lehigh Valley since 1955 and been a resident of Bethlehem, PA since 1968. He is married (wife - Nancy) and has three grown children, Christopher, Susan and Brian. Presently there is no dog, usually a black lab can be found around the house, but we do have a cat. He received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from Franklin and Marshall College in 1963, served in the US Army as a counter intelligence agent and returned from Vietnam in 1966. Starting in 1967 for the City of Easton, and continuing from 1968 to 2001 for the City of Bethlehem, he has worked as a city planner. Retired in 2002, he has worked part time for the Borough of Nazareth as a Zoning Officer and currently works part time for the Easton Planning Office. Always actively interested in the outdoors and organized sports, Mike has wrestled in high school and college, played various team sports and enjoyed many years of golf and tennis. Once retired, Mike became active in various civic and sportsmen's organizations and is currently the President of the Northampton County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs. Although interested in and willing to support all of the EAC's programs and concerns, Mike is particularly interested in preserving our natural environment in Bethlehem and protecting those areas which are most prone to damage during development namely the flood plain areas adjacent to the Monocacy and Saucon Creeks and the Lehigh River and the steep slope areas near Camel's Hump and South Mountain.

George Yasko

George Yasko is a life long resident of Bethlehem.  He is a graduate of Ryder Technical Institute, where he majored in electronics. George has a background in instrumentation, data collection, calibration, instrument development and construction.  He has been employed by Lehigh University since 1882. In  1999 he joined the staff of Lehigh University’s Lehigh Earth Observatory (LEO), as the Field Projects and Laboratory Manager where he was responsible for mentoring students in environmental topics and directing the student internship program. In January of 2011 he became the Operations and Program Support Manager for Lehigh University’s STEPS building. George has coached middle and high school football for 31 years, is an avid cyclist and enjoys attempting to play the piano and mandolin! And is enthusiastic about Christmas!