Public Works

Bureau of Traffic Maintenance

Responsible for the installation and maintenance of all roadway markings and signage, barricades and detours for emergencies, traffic control during special events, review of traffic plans, conduct & evaluate traffic studies and the posting of temporary No Parking signs.

The Traffic Superintendent oversees all operations listed above, in addition to the following: managing traffic-related projects, review of land-development plans, coordination and planning of special events, conducting traffic studies, working with contractors to assure traffic safety within work zones, managing the traffic maintenance budget and payroll, managing and completing all purchases for the bureau, working closely with the Electrical Bureau on traffic flow and signals, working closely with the Police Department on parking and traffic-related issues as well as the many special events held, and works directly with the public on traffic-related complaints and questions.

This Bureau, in conjunction with the City’s Electrical Bureau, also manages and maintains the Synchro traffic flow and signal modeling software.  Developed by the TrafficWare Corportation, this software suite allows the City to accurately model and perform traffic analyses, optimization, and simulations of our existing traffic control systems in order to identify trouble areas and implement improvements in the model prior to making changes out on the roadways.  This software also provides us the ability to model new traffic patterns and volumes, as well as to anticipate future growth and how it may impact our traffic control systems, in an effort to stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape of the City’s vehicular infrastructure and traffic conditions.


  • Cars are speeding on my road…what can be done?
    • If you feel that vehicles are traveling too fast on your residential street, a complaint can be made to the Traffic Maintenance Bureau, or to the Police Department. After a complaint is received, Police are asked to monitor the area, as time permits. Traffic Maintenance will occasionally conduct a traffic study to determine if the complaint is substantiated. Typically, if an overall speed is 10mph over the speed limit, the City considers this a speeding concern. Due to the fact that the studies can only be completed during warm weather, and that there is a constant backlog, some studies may not be completed as soon as one would like. In the mean time, the speed radar trailer can be placed for a few days to remind motorists of the speed that they should be traveling at.
  • How can I get speed humps on my road?
    • There are very few roads that will actually qualify for speed humps; however, the following are warrants: an overall speed of at least 10mph over the speed limit (determined by a traffic study), survey of residents for interest (completed by resident), vehicle volumes, and overall roadway geometry and function. If you would like more information, please contact the Traffic Superintendent.
  • How can I have a four-way stop installed on my road?
    • Typically, these requests stem from a speeding complaint, and the Federal Highway Administration strictly advises against using stop signs as a form of speed control. Studies have shown that this is not an effective method in slowing speeds and can actually create more accidents in some instances, as well as inefficient traffic flow. Several warrants need to be met to have a four-way stop installed: vehicle volumes, sight distance issues and high accident history. Even with a high accident history other solutions are usually implemented prior to having a stop sign installed.
  • I am moving or have a contractor coming to my house and need parking spaces blocked off.
    • If the spaces are metered, you must call the Bethlehem Parking Authority, 610-865-7123.
    • If not, you must give the Traffic Maintenance Bureau 48 hours’ notice to have the signs posted.