Public Works

Leaf Collection SCHEDULE - 2018

Residents are requested to abide by the following guidelines for leaf collection:

• Remove cars from scheduled streets whenever possible- leaves under vehicles will not be removed.
• Have leaves ready in the gutter before the City gets to your St. We cannot make special accommodations for those who place leaves in the St after the trucks have passed.
• DO NOT mix branches, grass or garbage with the leaves.
• Branches may be taken to the Yardwaste Facility.
• If it rains, scheduled sections will be done on the next possible day.
• Leaves in paper earth bags will be collected--please call 865-7065. NO Plastic bags!

NOTE: The following is the anticipated schedule, but may vary from time to time depending on weather and workload. Any questions should be directed to the Public Works Sts Bureau 610-865-7065.

Leaf Collection Schedule

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