Alarm System Registration

Bethlehem Ordinance Article 735, Emergency Alarm Systems, requires residents to register their alarm system with the City of Bethlehem. According to ordinance:

Any alarm equipment supplier who sells or leases or any person who privately installs an alarm system at any site located within the City shall apply for a registration permit within seven days prior to installation. This application shall be obtained from the City of Bethlehem Alarm Administration, 10 East Church Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 18018. The application shall be completed and a copy made available upon request or clearly posted at the protected site.

This paragraph establishes that anyone with an alarm system shall register it with the city. The registration form is also available online. (see below). After registering your alarm system with the City, you will receive permission for the installation, operation, and maintenance of your alarm system. The registration will be issued to the alarm user which is a business or resident at a specific address in the city. Before receiving permission the Police Department must be satisfied that the registration information is complete and the alarm system in question is capable of being operated in conformance with ordinance 735.

Please understand that all existing alarm systems must also obtain a registration, not just new alarm systems. Further, the registration ceases to be valid upon a change of ownership.


A fee of $25.00 will be charged upon registering your residential alarm system and a fee of $50.00 for your commercial alarm system within seven days prior to installing it. A late fee of $25.00 will also be charged to equipment suppliers found to have installed an alarm system prior to obtaining a registration permit.


The Alarm Registration Form can be obtained online at the following address:

Alarm Registration Form (PDF)

Additional concerns

If you have any questions regarding Alarm System Registration, contact:

Thomas DeFrank #301
Crime Prevention Officer
City of Bethlehem Police Department
610-865-7389 fax

Article 735 can be obtained in its entirety via the web at:

Codified Ordinance 735