Food Service Inspections

Environmental Health and Food Safety

The Environmental Health Division of the City of Bethlehem Health Bureau is charged with regulating, licensing, and approving plans for all public eating and drinking establishments within the City limits. These duties entail the basic monitoring/ inspection of construction, setup and operation of any site in which food is offered to the public (regardless of if the food is offered free of cost). This includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, hospitals, churches, bars, daycares, nursing homes, and concession stands. The Department of Agriculture also assists with facilities that manufacture and transport food items to be offered or sold outside the City of Bethlehem limits.

The links below provide information on the Pennsylvania Food Code, guidelines and requirements for food establishments, City of Bethlehem ordinances, and other documents and resources relating to the Bethlehem Health Bureau’s food inspection program.

City Ordinances

Pennsylvania Food Code