City Council

NOTE: This meeting is video recorded and can be viewed LIVE or at your convenience on the City’s website after the meeting at, Quick Links, City Council Meeting Agendas and Documents.

NOTE:  Please turn off cell phones during City Council Meeting

TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 2019 – 7:00 PM

Invocation - Pastor Paul Patrick, Second Baptist Church

Pledge to the Flag.

1.         Roll Call
            CITATIONS HONORING: Anthony Leardi

Matthew Seyfried

2.         Approval of Minutes – March 19, 2019
3.         Public Comment.  (on any subject not being voted on this evening – 5 Minute Time Limit)

4.         Public Comment. (on Ordinances and Resolutions to be voted on this evening – 5 Minute Time Limit)

5.         Old Business.

A.        Old Business – Members of Council
B.        Tabled Items
C.        Unfinished Business

6.         Communications.

A.        Mayor – Recommendation for Removal of Art Work from City Collection
B.        Recommendation of Award – Maser Consulting, P.A. - Fire Pump Station Rehabilitation
C.        Recommendation of Award – D’Huy Engineering, Inc. - WWTP Electrical Systems Evaluation
D.        Fire Chief – Records Destruction – Fire Department
E.        City Solicitor – Use Permit Agreement – BEDCO, SouthSide Arts District, and Ruth, Inc. t/a
            Molly’s Irish Grille and Sports Pub (as SubPermittee) – SouthSide Arts and Music Festival
F.        City Solicitor – Use Permit Agreement – Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce
            by and Through its Downtown Bethlehem Association – Tunes at Twilight
G.        City Solicitor – Use Permit Agreement – Lehigh Little League Amendment to UPA for Public Property
H.        City Solicitor – Use Permit Agreement – BEDCO, SouthSide Arts District, and Ruth, Inc.
            t/a Molly’s Irish Grille and Sports Pub (as SubPermittee) – Spring on the SouthSide Event

7.         Reports.

A.       President of Council

B.        Mayor

1. State of the City

C.        Human Resources and Environment Committee (Mr. Reynolds)

8.         Ordinances for Final Passage.


9.         New Ordinances.


10.       Resolutions.

A.       Records Destruction – Police Department

B.       Authorizing Use Permit Agreement – St. Luke’s University Health Network – 2019 Boutique at the Rink

C.       Authorizing Contract - Maser Consulting, P.A.

D.       Authorizing Contract - D’Huy Engineering, Inc.

E.       Authorizing Deaccession of Artwork

F.       Authorizing Use Permit Agreement Amendment – Lehigh Little League

G.       Certificate of Appropriateness - 321 South New Street (Lara Bly designs)

11.       New Business.

12.       Adjournment.