City Council

NOTE: This meeting is video recorded and can be viewed LIVE or at your convenience on the City’s website after the meeting at, Quick Links, City Council Meeting Agendas and Documents.

NOTE:  Please turn off cell phones during City Council Meeting

TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2019 – 7:00 PM

Invocation - Norman Carlisle, Lead Pastor, Life In Christ Church

Pledge to the Flag.

1.         Roll Call

2.         Approval of Minutes – March 5, 2019
3.         Public Comment.  (on any subject not being voted on this evening – 5 Minute Time Limit)

4.         Public Comment. (on Ordinances and Resolutions to be voted on this evening – 5 Minute Time Limit)

5.         Old Business.

A.        Old Business – Members of Council
B.        Tabled Items
C.        Unfinished Business

6.         Communications.

A.        Director of Community and Economic Development – Keystone Enterprise Zone Designation
B.        Director of Community and Economic Development – Recommendation of Award – The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce – Marketing Services
C.        Director of Public Works – Request for Resolution – PennDOT – ARLE Program Project
D.        City Solicitor – Use Permit Agreement – St. Luke’s University Health Network – 2019 Boutique at
            the Rink
E.        Director of Planning and Zoning – Resolution Request - DCNR Grant Application – Pedestrian
            Bridge Feasibility Study
F.        Director of Planning and Zoning – Resolution Request - DCNR Grant Application – Rose Garden
            Park Improvement
G.        Business Administrator – Recommendation of Award – Dutchman Contracting, LLC – Golf Course
H.        Police Chief – Records Destruction – Police Department

7.         Reports.

A.       President of Council

B.        Mayor

1. Administrative Order – Alexander O. Ward – Fine Arts Commission

2. Administrative Order - Nancy Topping – Sister City Commission

3. Administrative Order – Peter J. Schneck – Zoning Hearing Board

4. Administrative Order – Jennifer Rowe Hawk – Board of Historical and Architectural Review

5. Administrative Order – Adrienne Pauling – Human Relation Commission

6. Administrative Order – Rodman D. Young - Board of Historical and Architectural Review

8.         Ordinances for Final Passage.

A.       Bill No. 8 – 2019 - Authorizing 2019 GO Bond – Non-Utility Capital Projects Year End Adjustments

9.         New Ordinances.


10.       Resolutions.

A.       Authorizing Use Permit Agreement -American Association of University Women, Bethlehem Branch – 2019 Book Fair Bethlehem to Little Town LLC

B.       Authorizing Use Permit Agreement – Work to Live, LLC dba Run Lehigh Valley – Brew to Brew Run

C.       Approving Inter-municipal Liquor License Transfer – 226 East 3rd Street

D.       Authorizing Contract- Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce

E.       Authorizing Keystone Enterprise Zone Designation Application

F.       Authorizing Grant Agreement – PennDOT - ARLE Program

G.       Authorizing Grant Application – DCNR – Rose Garden Park Improvements

H.       Authorizing Grant Application – DCNR – Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Study

I.       Authorizing Contract – Dutchman Contracting, LLC

J.       Certificate of Appropriateness – 700 Evans Street

K.       Certificate of Appropriateness – 327 Broadway

L.       Certificate of Appropriateness – 321 Adams Street

11.       New Business.

12.       Adjournment.