City Council

NOTE:  Please turn off cell phones during City Council Meeting

TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018 – 7:00 PM

Invocation - The Reverend Suzanne M. Trump, St. John’s Windish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Pledge to the Flag.

1.         Roll Call


Prior to the consideration of the regular Agenda items, City Council will conduct a Public Hearing to consider an Ordinance to amend Article 1501 entitled Fire Safety and Code Enforcement Inspection Fees.  The proposed Ordinance is to adopt the 2009 International Fire Code published by the International Code Council subject to the modifications implemented hereinafter and/or by subsequent Ordinances of the City of Bethlehem. 

2.         Approval of Minutes – June 5, 2018

3.         Public Comment.  (on any subject not being voted on this evening – 5 Minute Time Limit)

4.         Public Comment. (on Ordinances and Resolutions to be voted on this evening – 5 Minute Time Limit)

5.         Old Business.

A.        Old Business – Members of Council
B.        Tabled Items
C.        Unfinished Business

6.         Communications.

A.        Council President – Rezoning Ordinance – Skyline West
B.        Director of Public Works – Recommendation of Award – Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.
C.        Director of Water and Sewer Resources – Recommendation of Award – Spotts, Stevens, and
D.        City Solicitor – Use Permit Agreement – ArtsQuest - Yuengling Summer Concert Series
E.         City Solicitor – Use Permit Agreement – Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce by and
through its Downtown Bethlehem Association – Vegfest
F.         City Solicitor – Illick’s Mill Sublease Agreement – Sierra Club PA Chapter

7.         Reports.

A.        President of Council
B.        Mayor
C.        Joint Public Safety Committee and Community Development Committee Meeting (Mr. Colón)

8.         Ordinances for Final Passage.

            A.        Bill No. 16-2018 – Establishing New Article 744 – Marijuana Possession

9.         New Ordinances.

A.        Bill No. 17-2018 – Street Vacation – Portion of Pyatt Street

10.       Resolutions.

A.        Records Destruction – Fire Department
B.        Declaring Special Condition –Parking Fines – Musikfest 2018
C.        Authorizing Contract – Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.
D.        Authorizing Contract – Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy
E.         Certificate of Appropriateness – 30 East Market Street
F.         Certificate of Appropriateness – 229 East Wall Street
G.        Certificate of Appropriateness – 241 East Market Street
H.        Certificate of Appropriateness – 81 West Broad Street
I.          Certificate of Appropriateness – 143 West Broad Street (Denial)

11.       New Business.

12.       Adjournment.