City Council


June 7, 2005 City Council Agenda

1. Invocation – Reverend Stephen A. Roser – Central Assembly of God

2. Pledge to the Flag.

3. Roll Call.

* Public Hearing

4. Approval of Minutes – May 18, 2005.

5. Courtesy of the Floor. (for public comment on Ordinances and Resolutions to be voted on by Council this evening – 12 Minute Time Limit)

6. Old Business.

7. Communications:

A. Director of Water and Sewer Resources – Amending Article 927 – Elimination of Sewer Rate Quantity Discount
B. Business Administrator – 2005 Bond Issue – Addition of Non-Utility Capital Projects
C. Assistant Fire Chief – Designation of Agent – PEMA
D. Chief Housing Inspector – Adoption of 2003 International Property Maintenance Code
E. City Solicitor – Street Vacation – Portion of Brodhead Avenue
F. Assistant City Solicitor – Amendment No. 1 to Lease Agreement – Allenbeth
Associates Limited Partnership
G. Police Lieutenant Joseph Kimock – MPOTEC Grant – Bicycle Training
H. Business Administrator – Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System – Changing Member Benefits

8. Reports:

A. President of Council.
B. Mayor.
C. Finance Committee (Mr. Donchez)
D. Public Safety Committee (Mr. Leeson)

9. Ordinances for Final Passage:

A. Bill No. 25 – 2005 – Street Vacation – Portion of Brodhead Avenue

10. New Ordinances:

A. Bill No. 27 – 2005 – Amending Non-Utility Capital Budget – Stefko Boulevard Study, HOME Investment Trust, and Additional Projects
B. Bill No. 28 – 2005 – Amending General Fund Budget – Health Bureau
C. Bill No. 29 – 2005 – Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System – Changing Member Benefits

11. Resolutions:

A. Certificate of Appropriateness – 417 Linden Street
B. Certificate of Appropriateness – Area off West Lehigh Street
C. Certificate of Appropriateness – 10 East Church Street
D. Certificate of Appropriateness – 216 East Walnut Street
E. Certificate of Appropriateness – 132 East Market Street
F. Certificate of Appropriateness – 40 East Wall Street
G. Certificate of Appropriateness – 14 East Market Street
H. Certificate of Appropriateness – 265 East Market Street
I. Approving Economic Development Liquor License – Sun Inn
J. Approving Economic Development Liquor License – Starter’s Riverport
K. Transfer of Funds – Sewer Collection System
L. Transfer of Funds – AIDS Program
M. Certificate of Appropriateness –102 West Fourth Street
N. Certificate of Appropriateness – 742-744 East Fourth Street
O. Certificate of Appropriateness – 337 Vine Street
P. Certificate of Appropriateness – 353 Broadway

12. New Business.

13. Courtesy of the Floor. (for public comment on any subject – 12 Minute Time Limit)

14. Adjournment.

* Prior to the consideration of the regular Agenda items, City Council will conduct a Public Hearing to consider amendments to the City of Bethlehem’s 2005 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnership (HOME) Programs to recognize reductions in the amounts requested from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The City requested $2,000,000 in CDBG funds for 2005 and will receive $1,910,451 and $600,000 in HOME funds for 2005 and will receive $599,264. Transfers in the amount of $196,900 to create two new CDBG activities and increase funding to an existing CDBG activity will also be considered.