City Council


MARCH 15, 2005 - 7:30 PM - TOWN HALL

Invocation – Reverend Dr. Lloyd H. Steffen, Lehigh University Chaplain

2. Pledge to the Flag.

3. Roll Call.

* Public Hearings

4. Approval of Minutes – March 1, 2005.

5. Courtesy of the Floor. (for public comment on Ordinances and Resolutions to be voted on by Council this evening – 12 Minute Time Limit)

6. Old Business.

7. Communications:

A. Lehigh Valley Planning Commission – Zoning Map Amendment – Union Boulevard/Center Street Vicinity – CB Commercial Business to RM – Residential and RT – Residential
B. Grants Coordinator – Section 8 Income Limits
C. Police Lieutenant Kimock – JAG Grant
D. Council Member Leeson – City Council Oversight of Intermunicipal Fund Transfers
E. Director of Planning and Zoning – Resolution for Traffic Study Escrows and Recreation Fees

8. Reports:

A. President of Council.
B. Mayor.
C. Public Works Committee (Mr. Mowrer)

9. Ordinances for Final Passage:

A. Bill No. 14 – 2005 – Amending Article 1347 – Recreation Fees and Traffic Impact
B. Bill No. 15 – 2005 – Amending General Fund Budget – South Side Recreation and Health Bureau Programs
C. Bill No. 16 – 2005 – Amending Non-Utility Capital Budget – Illick’s Mill, Skate Park, Music in the Park, and Year-End Adjustments
D. Bill No. 17 – 2005 – Amending Community Development Budget – Year-End Adjustments

10. New Ordinances:


11. Resolutions:

A. Certificate of Appropriateness – 525 Pine Street
B. Certificate of Appropriateness – 530 East Fourth Street
C. Certificate of Appropriateness – 813-815 East Fourth Street
D. Certificate of Appropriateness – 225 East Fourth Street
E. Certificate of Appropriateness – 128-136 Graham Place

12. New Business.

13. Courtesy of the Floor. (for public comment on any subject – 12 Minute Time Limit)

14. Adjournment.

* Prior to the consideration of the regular Agenda items, City Council will conduct two
Public Hearings:

1. To consider an application for a Justice Assistance Grant in the amount of $34,997 for the Police Department

2. To consider a request to rezone from CB – Commercial Business District to RT –
Residential District and to RM – Residential District properties in the 7th, 8th and 9th Wards within the boundaries of West and East Union Boulevard, North Center Street, East and West Raspberry Street, and Main Street, to extend the boundaries of the existing RM and RT zones to create compatibility between the existing land uses that are residential in nature and the proposed zoning provisions.